Bad credit mobile phones

A mobile phone, especially a smartphone, has become a very important part of our everyday life.

Whether you are a housewife, a stay at home mom, a student or a high-flying businessman, your mobile phone not only keeps you in contact with others but can act as your mobile office, keep you up to date with the latest news and become a very handy tool for study.

Often, the only way to secure these phones is through a mobile phone contract.

But what happens when you cannot secure a smartphone on a contract basis? What happens if time and time again you are turned away because of a poor credit rating? Since the financial crisis of 2008, people are struggling financially. During the past number of years, many individuals in the United Kingdom have got themselves into financial trouble. This leads to taking out loans, getting deeper into debt and sometimes defaulting on payments. Their credit rating then drops, becoming poorer and poorer with each non-payment.


And that’s why the big mobile phone contract providers will not allow you to sign a contract with them. But don’t worry, there is hope!

Apply for a bad credit mobile phone

A bad credit mobile phone? Yes, if you have a bad credit rating, you still can get a mobile phone on a contract basis. At ELFA Phones, we have helped individuals such as yourself throughout the United Kingdom secure a mobile phone contract despite them thinking this was impossible and in many cases just giving up and accepting that they would never have a contract mobile phone.

Together with our suppliers, we have sourced a range of models that we can provide to you on a contract basis. We are able to do this due to the fact that we have built up an in-depth knowledge of the mobile phone market.

We also believe that although you have made financial mistakes in your past, you deserve the opportunity to have the option of owning a mobile phone on a contract basis if you so choose.  It should also be one that will not put you under financial strain and that you can pay back with ease, improving your credit record in the process.

So how do you apply?

Well, it is simple! To apply you need to visit our offices or contact us by email. We will require a number of important documents that will make the application process go even quicker. We promise a 24 hour turnaround time if you bring them to us during your first appointment. These documents including your identity document, a utility bill to prove where you stay, your wage slips for the previous three months and a printout of your bank statements for the past three months.


What phones can you get on our contracts?

We offer a range of budget smartphones that have come onto the market over the past couple of years. These phones will be able to do everything you expect them to, including access to all social media sites, surf the internet, play games, download apps, and take pictures and even access email.

Although we would love to offer you the latest iPhone or Galaxy, this is just not possible as it will make your contract too expensive. Once you have successfully gone through your first contract with us and your credit rating improves, you can move onto a phone such as those.

When your contract has been ratified, you will receive your handset in the post or you can come and pick it up from our offices.  If you have any questions about the whole process, please contact us or click here for additional information.